Old North Methodist chancel

Old North United Methodist Church
Evansville, Indiana

Old North Methodist

Wicks Pipe Organ

Console of Wicks organ at Old North Methodist

In April 12, 1947 a new Wicks pipe organ from Highland, Illinois built expressly for the Old North Chapel was dedicated. This was presented by Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Yokel in memory of Mrs. Ada M. VanDusen as a gift from her friends. Rev. John D. Wolf, pastor, officiated.  Groudbreaking for the current sanctuary building was in March of 1952.* 

The late Dorothy Miller, a long-time member of the Evansville AGO, was organist here for many years.  The church has a strong and varied music ministry under the direction of Daniel Craig, Director of Music. (2/2010)

*Chancel photos and historical information from Old North U.M.C. website:

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