St. John's United Church of Christ
Evansville, Indiana
St Johns Sanctuary
Chancel in 2008

Lieblich Gedeckt 16'
Principal 8'
Rohrflöte 8'
Viole d-Amour 8'
Octave 4'
Spitzflöte 4'
Nachthorn 2'
Fourniture II
Cymbel II
Krummhorn 8'
Trompette en Chamade 8'

Gedeckt 8'
Koppelflöte 4'
Nasat 2 2/3'
Prinzipal 2'
Terz 1 3/5'
Mixtur II
Rohrschalmei 8'
Trompette en Chamade 8'

Swell I

Salicional 8'
Voix Celeste 8'
Geigen 4'
Piccolo 2'
Hautbois 16'
Trompette 8'
Vox Humana 8'
Clarion 4'

Swell II

Holzgedeckt 8'
Dulciana 8'
Unda Maris 8'
Traversflöte 4'
Rohrflote 2 2/3'
Prinzipal 2'
Terz 1 3/5'
Scharff II
Trompette en Chamade 16'
Trompette en Chamade 8'
Trompette en Chamade 4'


Bordun * 8'
Gemshorn 8'
Prestant * 4'
Spitzflöte 4'
Salicet 2'
Larigot 1 1/3'
 * = non-expressive
Resultant I 32'
Resultant II 32'
Principal 16'
Bourdon 16'
Lieblich Gedeckt 16'
Quintaton 16'
Octave 8'
Doppleflöte 8'
Choral Bass 4'
Hohlflöte 4'
Grave Mixture II
Rauschquinte II
Contre Bombarde 32'
Trumpet 16'
Clarinet 4'
Trompette en Chamade 8'


Great Unison
Great to Great 4'
Swell I to Swell I 16'
Swell I to Swell 1 Unison
Swell I to Swell I 4'
Swell II to Swell II 16'
Swell II to Swell II Unison
Swell II to Swell II 4'
Antiphonal to Antiphonal 4'
Swell I to Great 16'
Swell I to Great 8'
Swell I to Great 4'
Swell II to Great 16'
Swell II to Great 8'
Swell II to Great 4'
Positiv to Great 8'
Positiv to Pedal 8'
Antiphonal to Pedal 8'
Positiv Unison
Swell I to Positiv 16'
Swell I to Positiv 8'
Swell I to Positiv 4'
Swell II to Positiv 16'
Swell II to Positiv 8'
Swell II to Positiv 4'
Great to Positiv 8'
Antiphonal on Swell
Antiphonal on Great
Antiphonal on Positiv
Great to Pedal 8'
Great to Pedal 4'
Swell I to Pedal 8'
Swell I to Pedal 4'
Swell II to Pedal 8'
Swell II to Pedal 4'
St Johns antiphonal
Antiphonal division

Organ from 1800s
Sanctuary (above) as of 1890

Chancel from early 1900s
Sanctuary, early to mid-1900s

Organ from early 1900s
Close-up of choir loft and organ.

Mr. M. Knodel was the first organist at St. John's.  A hand-pumped organ was located above the main entrance, and it was moved to the opposite end of the sanctuary in 1881.  The hand-pumped organ was replaced by a water-powered instrument on August 24, 1904.  This organ was the first one in Evansville to have three manuals, and was built by Marshall-Bennet Organ Co. of Moline, Illinois.

In 1909 the organ was enlarged and the first set of chimes was added.  In 1919 an electric motor for the organ replaced the water-powered motor.  In 1940 W.W. Kimball Co. of Chicago added pipes to the organ.

Between 1950 and 1981 the sanctuary underwent major renovations.  The organ was expanded and the console and choir moved to the rear balcony, then later moved back to the front chancel area.  The services of John Wolford, local organ technician and project designer, were utilized in some of this work.

In 1985 a new organ was built by Wicks Organ Company with the help of John and Dotty Wolford, Mike Wood, Bob Capra and Dan Nealon.  It has three manuals, 57 ranks (22 from 1904) and 3023 pipes.
-Information and old photos are from a church history notebook and old church calendars on display during the 50th anniversary of the St. John's Church Eastside location.  -NB

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