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Summer Social 2015
          Spring 2017 Chapter Programs and Events:
  • February 11, 2017: Pedals, Pipes and Pizza, at the University of Evansville, 9:30am-12:30pm. Flyer and Registration Form
  • March 11, 2017: Organ Crawl to Bloomington, IN
  • May 8, 2017: Dinner & Festive Service at St. John's East UCC in Evansville. 
      • 5:30pm (Central time) Social gathering begins
      • 6:00pm  Dinner is served by St. John's church members
      • 7:00pm Festive Service of Music and Installation of Officers 
    • Please RSVP if you can join us for dinner on May 8th, to Henry Mauer at henry.maurer@gmail.com. Meal cost: $8 per person. If you would like to participate in the service, or bring singers to sing with our joint choir, please contact us at evansvilleago@yahoo.com.

Made in Evansville! The Historic Edmund Giesecke Organ
To be Restored in Memory of Helen Skuggedal Reed
Helen Skuggedal ReedThe Evansville Chapter of the American Guild of Organists is delighted to have been able to acquire an exquisite, small instrument made in 1910 by Evansville’s own organ builder, Edmund Giesecke (1845-1928). First made for a Catholic Church in Wisconsin, the one-manual and pedal organ was moved to a Lutheran church in Maumee, Ohio, in the 1950’s.Geisecke

In May of 2016 Helen Skuggedal Reed, who was wrapping up her latest term as dean of the Evansville AGO chapter, received information that the church in Maumee had closed and the organ did not have a place in the new owners' plans. Helen was instrumental in facilitating contact between the owners and the chapter, doing research into the organ's history and promoting the vision to bring the instrument "back home" to Evansville. It is to honor and memorialize Helen's tremendous role in the life of the Evansville chapter and community--and far beyond--that the restored organ is to be named in her memory.
Giesecke organ nameplate
Evansville AGO engaged the Curator of Organs at Oberlin Conservatory of Music, David Kazimir, to inspect the instrument and make a recommendation. He described the instrument as “deserving the care and attention of a proper restoration in all aspects to honor the fine craftsmanship and artistry it represents. It is remarkable how well it plays now with the weakened wind system. It would be sublime with a quiet blower and restored bellows.”

After intense discussion, Evansville AGO quickly decided to purchase the instrument and have Mr. Kazimir carefully dismantle, remove, and deliver the organ to Evansville with the help of Patrick Fischer, Curator of Organs at Indiana University.

This organ is one of five Giesecke instruments known to exist. Before being dismantled, it was still trackersplayable, though in a degraded state. It needs a considerable amount of restoration work to restore it to its former glory. We hope to preserve this important part of the rich musical history of the Tri-state area and make it possible for the instrument to once again lend its musical voice in worship and concert settings.

Evansville AGO has chosen Taylor and Boody, of Staunton, Virginia, an internationally renowned builder and restorer of pipe organs, to work on this remarkable instrument.
Inside Giesecke organThe pieces of the organ will be insured, dismantled, and taken to Virginia to be put back in proper working order. The leather of the bellows, which is original to 1910, will be replaced and the handpump of the wind system restored. A new, inaudible, electric blower will be provided, enabling the cleaned, repaired, and restored pipes to sound clearly. The unfortunate blonding treatment from the 1950’s will be reversed to the original oak stain and finish. The playing action will be cleaned and regulated, pedals repaired, missing stop faces replaced, the organ tuned, and the keyboard will be recovered with a similar material to original.

The organ will be returned to Evansville and rebuilt in the sanctuary at First Presbyterian Church by Taylor and Boody staff with help from the Evansville AGO chapter. After all this work, the organ will be returned to the Evansville community, fully restored and ready to bring music to life for another 100 years.    

The specialized work to restore the Giesecke is estimated to cost just over $50,000. Some specific costs include:  
  • Dismantle, Travel to T & B      $ 1,650 Giesecke keyboard and pedalboard
  • Re-leather Bellows                       5,000 
  • Hand Pump                                   3,600 
  • Electric Blower                             4,400 
  • Clean, Repair, Restore Pipes        6,200
  • Restore wood finish                    15,000
  • Action cleaned, tuned                   6,000
  • Keyboard surface restored            2,300
  • Reinstall in Evansville                  2,500

The Evansville AGO welcomes your monetary contributions to this historically important project. Inquiries and donationsfor the Giesecke Organ project may be directed to: Giesecke Organ Project c/o Robert Nicholls 609 South East Second Street Evansville IN 47713 -1107 robertn@firstpresevansville.com 812 -423 -6297. 

Link to stops demonstration
by Dr. Douglas Reed, prior to disassembling in Maumee. Severe leaks in the wind systems of the organ are audible, and the pedals were inoperable.

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Giesecke facade at First Presbyterian
                            in Evansville
Giesecke facade stored at First Presbyterian Church in Evansville, awaiting restoration.

Scholarships Available:

The Evansville Chapter is now offering scholarships for beginning organ lessons.  Potential scholarship recipients must be at least ten years of age (no maximum age) and must have had some piano training.  For more information, click here

For more advanced organ students who are high school age or younger we offer scholarships from our Mamie Dufford Scholarship Fund

Some years our chapter also hosts local rounds of the AGO/Quimby Regional Competition for Young Organists (RCYO) for competitors up to 24 years of age.

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