Chancel of United Presbyterian, Princeton, IN

 In 1836, the “Old Brick Church” was built and served the congregation until 1857 when our present building was erected at the corner of Prince and State Streets.  That original building is our sanctuary today and is the oldest Protestant church building in Gibson County.

The first pipe organ in Princeton was installed in our church in 1895.  From “lining out” the Psalms to a tuning fork in 1853 to a reed organ in 1886, Presbyterians finally accepted musical instruments in the church.

A devastating fire on Feb.1, 1937 destroyed the organ and part of the north wall of the building.  All repairs were made, a new organ and piano installed, and the sanctuary was returned to pristine condition in just six months to be rededicated August 1, 1937.

-Photo and information from the church's website: (Accessed November 15, 2010)

Henry Pilcher's Sons (1895, Opus 312).
2 manuals. 13 stops.
Additional notes.
Relocated to Boyd Memorial Christian, Charleston, WV in 1924 as Pilcher Op. 1217.5, after it was replaced by Pilcher Op. 1122 in 1922. Opus number supplied in the ledger record for Op. 1217.5.

Henry Pilcher's Sons (1922, Opus 1122).
2 manuals. 13 stops.
Additional notes.
Identified through information in Volume VI p. 76 of the Pilcher factory ledger and the list of Pilcher organs typed by William E. Pilcher of Louisville.
Original price: $4500. William Pilcher's typed list says burned. Also had 1895 Pilcher.


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