This information is offered free of charge for the benefit of local organists, choir directors, religious and educational institutions.  Postings may be sent to evansvilleago@yahoo.com. Postings will remain for up to six month unless notified otherwise, and may be renewed upon request.  The Evansville AGO does not guarantee that postings are up-to-date.

St. Joseph Catholic Church in Jasper Indiana is searching for an organist to play on the first, third (and fifth) Sundays of the month. This includes a one hour choir rehearsal before the mass.  The pay is $100 per mass. We have a recently refurbished Holtkamp pipe organ. Contact Paula Alles at 812-631-2625. Posted January 2024.

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Evansville, Organist Position Description:
Part-time position to include playing Episcopal liturgical service music for Sunday services between 10-12PM. Rehearsal with choir approximately 2-hours weekly. Competitive salary and benefits consistent with American Anglican Musicians. Duties include selecting music, learning, practicing, and/or reviewing. Determining organ registrations, setting up at the organ console, and evaluating their effectiveness. Consulting with families for weddings and funerals. Organist has the first right of refusal. Supervising of maintenance of organ by entrusting that service to qualified professionals Additional professional training, attendance at meetings, or conferences may be requested. Must be responsible for arranging substitutes when absent. Contact the Rev. Holly Zaher at <therevhrz@gmail.com>.  Renewed January 2024.

Holy Name Catholic Church in Henderson, KY
is seeking a Music Director and organists/pianists to play regularly or occasionally. Please contact the parish office for more information. Renewed November 2023.

St. Paul's Episcopal Church
in downtown Henderson, KY is seeking a musician(s) to play organ and/or piano for their 10:00 am Sunday services. The church would like to hire a regular organist or pianist, but would also be open to having more than one musician playing occasionally as available. For more information please call the church office at 270-826-2937 or email Martha at jclerk49@yahoo.com. Renewed January 2024.

Morningside Cumberland Presbyterian Church
is seeking an organist/pianist for Sunday morning worship and other special services. The organist/pianist would also accompany the Morningside Choir, other singers, and instrumentalists presenting special music during these services. We would prefer to hire a single person for this position, but would be open to having more than one musician share the position. For more information or to apply for the position, please contact Michelle McConnell at morningsidecpchurch@gmail.com. Posted July 2023.

Organist Position – Trinity Lutheran Church in Darmstadt
(1401 W. Boonville-New Harmony Road, Evansville, Indiana) is seeking an organist to play liturgical and sacred music for Sunday morning and special services.  The organist would also accompany the vocal choir and conduct the handbell choir for one rehearsal per week and on Sunday morning.  The organ is a 3-manuel digital Rodgers Infinity 361-II, purchased in 2018.  The position is available at the beginning of 2023.  Salary follows the Guidelines for the Employment of Musicians in the Lutheran Church.  Please inquire to Pastor Stan Temme, 812-470-5007, pastor@tldarm.org.  Posted December 2022.


Hammond Organ for sale in Evansville. Photos below. According to the current owner it is in very good condition and plays like it is new. Contact Charlina at trice.charlina@yahoo.com or 678-997-0228 for more information. Posted November 2023.

Electone ME-55A used digital instrument available in the Evansville area, two partial manuals and one octave of pedals. Email rlship@hotmail.com for more information. Posted August 2023.

Yamaha Baby Grand Piano GC1 model available. Currently in storage in Little Rock, Arkansas. Contact us if you would like contact info.  Posted December 2022

Wicks pipe organ at the former Zion United Church of Christ in Henderson, KY.  Seven-rank unified Wicks. See our local organs page for more info about the organ.  Posted July 2021

1890 Story & Clark pump organ available in southern Indiana.  "The organ is in great condition...no broken keys, and all keys, stops, and both paddles work.  John Medcraft went through it several years ago and got everything in tip top shape.  I'm not able to pump it any more, or I wouldn't be selling it.  My contact info is lazyb2733@gmail.com."  Posted March 2020.
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